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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Podcast 71 - 80s Metal Tribute

Classic 80s Metal to get you through the rat race! Inspired by killer movies like Heavy Metal (1981), Legend (1986), Trick or Treat (1985). 

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*Poster Art by Elena Maria Vacas abend86.deviantart.com

Playlist of Doom!

1. M.S.G. (Michael Schenker Group) - Ready to Rock, Album: M.S.G. (1981)
Michael Schenker Group
 2. GRIM REAPER - See You in Hell, Album: See You in Hell (1983)
Grim Reaper

3. FASTWAY - Trick or Treat, Album: Trick or Treat Original Soundtrack (1986)
Trick or Treat Fastway
4. PICTURE - Hot Lovin', Album: Diamond Dreamer (1982)
Picture. Diamond Dreamer
5. SAMMY HAGAR - Heavy Metal, Album: Heavy Metal Original Soundtrack (1981)
Heavy Metal Original Sound Track
6. BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Vetern of the Psychic Wars, Album: Heavy Metal Original Soundtrack (1981)
 Heavy Metal Original Sound Track
7. CUTTY SARK - Stupid Lies, Album: Die Tonight (1984)
Cutty Sark
8. SCORPIONS - The Zoo, Album: Animal Magnetism (1980)
9. 220 VOLT - Fire Fall, Album: Metal Messengers (1985)
220 Volt
10. M.S.G. (Michael Schenker Group)- Doctor, Doctor, Album: Rock Will Never Die (1984)
The Michael Schenker Group
11. SAXON - Machine Gun, Album: Wheels of Steel (1980)
12. PICTURE - Eternal Dark, Album: Eternal Dark (1983)
Picture, Eternal Dark
13. DIAMOND HEAD - Am I Evil?, Album: Lightning to the Nations (1979)
Diamond Head

Monday, February 15, 2016

Podcast 70 - Buriedcast

Underneath the surface music.

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Playlist of Doom
1. Vital Remains - Dechristianize
2. Ordinul Negru - Sorcery of Darkness
3. Parius - Dark Horizons
4. Killdevil Theory - Ambushed
5. Zlang Zlut - Hit the Bottom
6. Aurora - Tatooed Angel
7. Kilmara - The Devil's Eye
8. Whispering Woods - Original Sin
9. Akral Necrosis - False Prophet

Southeast Asia Evolution Rock

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Army of One TV Podcast: DAN DEAGH WEALCAN, Ukrainian/Russian industrial metal

Yo, metal heads! Check out this f*ckin' cool interview we did for Army of One TV Podcast! We talked to lead vocalist Evgen of the Ukrainian/Russian industrial metal band Dan Deagh Wealcan. For fans of NIN, Tool, Ministry, Mike Patton, Devin Townsend.

Listen to the Interview Here:
Singer and lyricist Evgen, member of the Ukrainian/Russian industrial metal band Dan Deagh Wealcan have spoken to Lord Malignus of the New York Podcast AO1TV on (01/03/16). In this Interview, Evgen talked about the band's second release 'Who cares what is playing in my headphones'

The album "Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" differs dramatically from the first album of Dan Deagh Wealcan, regarding both composing and overall sound. Nine completely different tracks, recorded throughout 2014, that do not bear any common concept, which is, in a way, a conception itself. This is a "playlist from the author", arranged at free will, an attempt to embrace different styles and genres. After all, the music that's in your headphones is important only for you...

More calm and philosophical, but still complex work is a major step forward for the duo, combinind such genres as: Industrial, Progressive, Post-Rock, Hardcore and Electonic.

As before, all instrumental parts were recorded in Moscow, and vocals were recorded in Zaporizhzhya. The album was mastered at TA Production, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.

1. Anamorphic Widesound
2. Dogs in a Box
3. Easy Way - Long Way
4. No More Than Usual
5. Neutral Moresnet
6. What Was That?
7. Baseless Hatred
8. I Killed Everything That Was Good in Me
9. Endless Apathy

CD release date:
Ukraine: 21.05.2015; Japan: 22.05.2015; Worldwide: 25.05.2015; Russia: 26.05.2015; North & South America: 09.06.2015

Digital release date:
Worldwide: 25.05.2015; North & South America: 09.06.2015

For more information please visit http://www.MetalScrapRecords.com or the band's Facebook page http://facebook.com/DanDeaghWealcan.

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Podcast 69 - Unworldly Cast

Unworldly sounds for unworldly people.

1. Anal Cunt - Face it. You're a Metal Band, album: 40 More Reasons to Hate Us, Ok
Anal Cunt
2. The Silverblack - The Grand Turmoil, album: The Grand Turmoil

3. Deadspace - The Promise of Oblivion, album: The Promise of Oblivion
4. Show Me Wolves - The Lies of His Sons, album: Between, God and False Idols
Show Me Wolves
5. Vader - Toralni Destrukce (Krabathor), album: Future of the Past
Vader band death metal Poland
6. Non Opus Dei - Milk of Toads, album: Diable
Non Opus Dei Black Metal
7. Motörhead - Orgasmatron, album: Orgasmatron, R.I.P. 1945-2015
Lemmy Kilmister
8. Khors - Trees Are Remembers, album: The Flame of Eternity's Decline (Reissue)
Khors death metal
9. Nomad - Tetrawind, album: Tetramorph
Nomad death metal
10. Kreator - Ripping Corpse, album: Pleasure to Kill
mille petrozza Kreator
11. Sepultura - Nomad, album: Chaos A.D.
Sepultura Chaos A.D. Line up
12. Machine Head - Old, album: Burn My Eyes
Machine Head Burn My Eyes Lineup
13. Electric Wizard - Lucifer's Slaves, album: Time to Die
Electric Wizard band
14. Danzig - Satan (From Satan's Sadists), album: Skeletons 
Danzig Skeletons
15. Liv Kristine - Love Decay, album: Vervain
Liv Kristine Vervain
16. Jerry Cantrell - Anger Rising, album: Degredation Trip
Jerry Cantrell Degredation Trip anger rising
17. Rollins Band - Ghost Rider, album: The Crow Soundtrack 
Henry Rollins Ghost Rider
18. Jucifer - Return Of The Native, album: Throned in Blood
Jucifer metal band
19. Wednesday 13 - We All Die, album: Calling All Corpses
Wednesday 13
20. Dan Deagh Wealcan - Baseless Hatred, album: Who Cares What Music is Playing in my Headphones?
Dan Deagh Wealcan
21. Draconian - Pale Tortured Blue, album: Sovran
Draconian band
22. Hooded Menace - Blood For the Burning Oath/Dungeons for the Disembodied, album: Darkness Drips Forth
Hooded Menace band
Southeast Asia Evolution Rock

Monday, December 28, 2015

Podcast 68 - Angercast

No theme to it, just anger! We've put together a playlist filled with happy uplifting tunes to kick 2015 in the ass for good and welcome the new year! 

Playlist of Doom! 

1. Stone Sour - Running Free, album: Straight Outta Burbank 
2. Body Count - Talk Sh*t, Get Shot, album: Manslaughter
3. Bring Me The Horizon - Happy Song, album: That's The Spirit
4. The Hell - F*ck You All, album: Brutopia
5. Ektomorf - Aggressor, album: Aggressor
6. Blynd - Phobos, album: Liber Sum
7. Zyklon B - Warfare, album: Blood Must Be Shed
8. The Unravelling - Master Drone, album: Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision
9. Cryptopsy - Detritus (The One They Kept), album: The Book Of Suffering,Tome 1
10. Ramming Speed - No Forgiveness in Death, album: No Epitaphs
11. Lefutray - The World Infected, album: Oath
12. Devil You Know - The Way We Die, album: They Bleed Red
13. Blood Of The Wolf - Borne Of Wind and War, album: The Law of Retaliation
14. Terror Universal - Welcome to Hell, album: Reign of Terror

Southeast Asia Evolution Rock

Friday, January 23, 2015

Podcast 64 - KILLER BE KILLED & New February Releases 2015

The loudest, heaviest, most obnoxious and unapologetic metal show is back with our third episode of January! Ready to listen to some music with meaning this weekend? Crushing brutal new album releases for February 2015 and the most aggressive sounds of the underground from across the globe! The only place on the web where all the serious metal heads get together to catch up on what's new and to discover the best bands from the international scene. 

Take a look at KILLER BE KILLED a massive metal project with Max Cavalera guitar and vocals for Soulfly/Cavalera Conspiracy, Greg Puciato vocals for The Dillinger Escape, Troy Sanders bass and vocals for Mastodon, and ex-drummer for The Mars Volta, David Elitch. The band's first self titled effort was released on Nuclear Blast this past May 2014.

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1. KILLER BE KILLED - Face Down, album: Killer Be Killed, Nuclear Blast 2014, web

2. IN OTHER CLIMES - Who Are You, album: Leftover, release Feb 27, Bastardized Recordings/Membran, web

3. TERROR EMPIRE - Servant, album: The Empire Strikes Black, release Feb 23, Nordavind Records, web

4. BLOODSHEDD - More Will, album: TBA, release: TBA 2015, web

5. DAVOLA - From Within, album: Dichotomy, release 2009, web , Download track MP3 here, DAVOLA interview New Album Studio Report click here

6. RITI OCCULTI - Revelation, album: Riti Occulti, release Feb 23, Nordavind Records, web

7. THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN - When I Lost My Bet, album: One Of Us is The Killer, 2013 web

8. THE MARS VOLTA - Inertiatic ESP, album: De-Loused In The Comatorium, 2003 web

9. MASTODON - Chimes at The Midnight, album: Once More 'Round The Sun, 2014 web

10. SOULFLY - Cannibal Holocaust, album: Savages, 2013 web

11. KILLER BE KILLED - Wings of Feather and Wax, album: Killer Be Killed, 2014

12. AFFIANCE - Limitless, album: Blackout, release Sep 2014, BulletTooth Records web

13. MORTALICUM - I Dream of Dying, album: Tears from The Grave, 2014 Metal On Metal Records web

14. NUMENOREAN - Let Me In, demo: Numenorean, self-release 2014 web

15. POTERGEIST - Loves Martyr, album: Swampires, Distroball/Otherside records web

16. SIX GUN SAINTS - 5150, EP: Ashes, release 2014, Dead Inside Records web

17. DWAIL - Gang Rape, album: The Human Concern, release Nov 2014, Klonosphere web

18. BLOODSCRIBE - Enslaved by Deceptions, album: Prologue to The Apocalypse, release Feb 10, Gore House Productions web

19. EMREVOID - Riverso, EP: Riverso, Sep 2014, Drown Within Records web

20. KILLER BE KILLED - I.E.D., album: Killer Be Killer, 2014 Pick it up at the Nuclear Blast Store