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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Podcast 71 - 80s Metal Tribute

Classic 80s Metal to get you through the rat race! Inspired by killer movies like Heavy Metal (1981), Legend (1986), Trick or Treat (1985). 

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*Poster Art by Elena Maria Vacas abend86.deviantart.com

Playlist of Doom!

1. M.S.G. (Michael Schenker Group) - Ready to Rock, Album: M.S.G. (1981)
Michael Schenker Group
 2. GRIM REAPER - See You in Hell, Album: See You in Hell (1983)
Grim Reaper

3. FASTWAY - Trick or Treat, Album: Trick or Treat Original Soundtrack (1986)
Trick or Treat Fastway
4. PICTURE - Hot Lovin', Album: Diamond Dreamer (1982)
Picture. Diamond Dreamer
5. SAMMY HAGAR - Heavy Metal, Album: Heavy Metal Original Soundtrack (1981)
Heavy Metal Original Sound Track
6. BLUE ÖYSTER CULT - Vetern of the Psychic Wars, Album: Heavy Metal Original Soundtrack (1981)
 Heavy Metal Original Sound Track
7. CUTTY SARK - Stupid Lies, Album: Die Tonight (1984)
Cutty Sark
8. SCORPIONS - The Zoo, Album: Animal Magnetism (1980)
9. 220 VOLT - Fire Fall, Album: Metal Messengers (1985)
220 Volt
10. M.S.G. (Michael Schenker Group)- Doctor, Doctor, Album: Rock Will Never Die (1984)
The Michael Schenker Group
11. SAXON - Machine Gun, Album: Wheels of Steel (1980)
12. PICTURE - Eternal Dark, Album: Eternal Dark (1983)
Picture, Eternal Dark
13. DIAMOND HEAD - Am I Evil?, Album: Lightning to the Nations (1979)
Diamond Head

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